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Convergence of Market Trading, Process Control and Internet Technologies




Icetec applications have a proven track record of increasing plant efficiency.  In some  applications, efficiency gains from the Icetec system have resulted in a consumption reduction of 15% or more, while maintaining all temperature, business and operating rules.

Industrial Refrigeration ...
is one application that benefits from Icetec technologies.

In this non-traditional energy management application, Icetec directly controls central plant efficiency. Icetec uses competing analytic engines to control load in Industrial Refrigeration applications.

The Market Engine
Attempts to reduce load in relation to the cost of power using the VIX model.

The Consumption Engine
Reduces kWh consumption while preserving the ability to reduce in predicted hours of volatility.

In regulated environments, the consumption engine seeks to reduce consumption whenever possible. Pulldown modes are employed only when the additional kWh input can be overcome by additional time value of reduced load and market volatility. mtc-kwact.png

Actual (green) and non-dispatched (red) power consumption.  Avoidance of high cost hours and reduction of kWh are accomplished.

Industrial Refrigeration is a market sector that can benefit significantly in both regulated and deregulated power markets.


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